Fedor Emelianenko: In MMA, the refereeing leaves a lot to be desired.

On the path to his opening round fight with Antonio Silva, took time from his schedule to speak with reporter Alexander Pavlov.  The number one heavy weight fighter in the history of Mixed Martial Arts spoke about many subjects ranging from his preparations for Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva on February 12, the result of the WBO cruiserweight title fight between Denis Lebedev and Marco Huck, and judging in MMA.

Before your fight with Antonio Silva on February 12, have you been sparring with some professional boxers?

I have made no changes I am sparring as usual. My partners were Maksim Grishin, Kirill Sidelnikov and other young guys. And from the pros in the sport of boxing  I did some training last summer with  Denis Lebedev.

Did you see the fight between Lebedev and Marco Huck? How did you evaluate the result?

I watched the fight, and maybe I’m not objective, because Dennis is my friend, but, in my opinion, he looked much more impressive.

At the same time team Huck argues that the fight was close, but their fighter won on the judges score cards and remains the champion.

When two fighters of this skill level fight, the judging must also be at the top level.  I think Denis won and dominated much of the fight in the ring.

In what sport do you think refereeing is better, in boxing or in mixed martial arts?

In MMA, the refereeing leaves a lot to be desired. I think that, for example, Alexander Volkov, has lost in his last fight, but the judges, somehow, gave a draw. While Americans surely won.

In other words, in MMA it is also better to win by knockout, not to leave it in the judges hands?

Of course this would be better, but this does not mean that there will be such an opportunity.

Would you dare to enter the ring against either of the Klitschko brothers in the rules of boxing?

I think today.  I’m not ready for it. Probably because I never competed in professional boxing. If you look objectively, then I simply would not stand a chance.

Alexander Pavlov,

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