Uncovering one of Russia’s Hidden Gems: Shamil Zavurov

In scouring the world for mixed martial arts’ next top talents, -1 Global has found a hidden gem in Dagastan, Russia; his name is Shamil Zavurov and he sports an impressive 15-1 record and is one of Europe’s top welterweight prospects.

At 26 years of age, Zavurov fights out of the Rusfighters camp and brings a wealth of experience to the ring, which rightfully earned him the close attention he garnered as this year’s M-1 Selection European tournament welterweight favourite. His M-1 Selection championship title was captured with a text-book rear-naked-choke submission victory over Magomedrasul Khasbulaev at the European Finals in Moscow this past July 22.

Zavurov is a 3-time world champion in Combat Sambo, 2-time champion of the CIS in hand-to-hand combat, winner of international tournaments in wrestling and Wushu Sanda and champion of Dagestan in Wushu Sanda. He has more than 50 victories in combat Sambo, fifty victories as an amateur / semi-professional MMA fighter and a professional MMA record of 15 wins and just one defeat; clearly Zavurov is one to watch and has flown under the radar of North American fans since 2004.

In Russia, Zavurov has won almost every competition available and in sound, devastating fashion. It is time for this seasoned warrior to transition to the international stage and make the jump to the United States MMA scene. With the goal of having their Selections tournament Champions square off for international supremacy, fans can expect to see Zavurov face the winner of the Finals welterweight clash between Tom ‘Da Tank’ Gallicchio and Len ‘The Liger’ Bentley on September 18th in Atlantic Cty, New Jersey.

’s welterweight division is proving to be an extremely deep pool of talented athletes to draw from .

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