Vladimir Putin: no one can deny these men the courage, skill , and daring

The Sochi Open took place in Sochi, Russia yesterday. The event was organized by Sambo-70 and -1Global and showcased some of the best fighters from Russia and Europe in head to head match ups. 11876

The televised event was highly anticipated in the region and was attended by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Governor of Krasnodar Alexander Tkachev, Russian Sports Minister , and Fedor Emelianenko.

Each of the fights were contested under mixed martial arts rules, and provided the enthusiastic crowd with a night of action and excitement.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Upon completion of the event Prime Minister Putin addressed the crowd : Dear friends, what we see today is certainly a very hard fought battles The person cleaning up the ring was not cleaning up water, not cleaning up sweat, they were cleaning up blood. And while some people enjoy this type of martial arts, some do not, but nobody can deny these are men of courage, skill and daring in a good sporting way. I want to thank the athletes and guests from France and the UK and our fighters out of Sambo-70. Russia has always been in favor of mixed martial arts. In the modern history, our martial arts originate from Sambo, and I think that it is time for sport sambo should become an Olympic sport. At least, our sports organizers have persistently put the issue before the International Olympic Committee. I congratulate the winners, but with a sense of special gratitude appeal to our guests, thank you for showing us your skills and all of you very much for coming.


Asked his thoughts on the event M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelchtein was happy with the fights and the event. I would especially like to note battle Slava Vasilevsky, championship finalists in Eastern Europe’s M-1 Selection 2010 tournament. It was a great fight , and Vasilevsky showed courage and determination. He should still be able to compete at the final championship of Eastern Europe on July 22 in Moscow, but knowing that Prime Minister Putin would attend , he decided to take a risk and compete tonight . He fought against one of the strongest fighters of France, on his account 41 victory and 10 defeats. And despite a serious cut, he was able to secure the victory by choke.

complete results below

Rashid Magomedov defeated knockout.. Round 1. 0,57
Yuri Ivlev defeated Daniel Thomas by knockout. Round 2. 3.14
Jerome Tusong defeated Maxima Kuptsova split decision
Dmitry Samoilov defeated Sebastian Libipe via armlock Round 2. 2.18
Dmitry Zabolotny defeated Serge Kanarra via TKO. Round 1. 4,51
defeated Alexander Zubachov via choke. Round 1. 0.27
Slava Vasilevsky defeated via choke. Round 3. 1,58

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